Community Outreach

Collaboration with the community is essential both for understanding its needs, and in order to reach the people in the community. We recognize that complex multi-level factors contribute to disparate outcomes in women’s health, and the solution requires a multi-level approach.

Community Engagement
Engagement and collaboration with community allows for exchange of ideas and bilateral knowledge sharing. The Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology can both understand and respond to the needs of the community, while also keeping the community abreast of departmental initiatives. The primary method of engagement will be through the SUNY Women’s Community Advisory Board and the member community based organizations.

Community outreach allows for direct interaction with the women we serve and provides important information and departmental updates. Means of outreach will include educational virtual programs, participation in local activities, community presentations and media (social, radio, print) presence. The SUNY Downstate Community Women’s Health initiative will performed by


1) SUNY Women’s Community Advisory Board


2) SUNY Downstate Community Women’s Health

With a presence on both Facebook and Instagram, SUNY Downstate Community Women’s Health is a community hub. Health information is posted in both English and Spanish. 

The group also hosts a monthly Facebook Live video series called, Doc I have a question, during which Downstate OBGYNs answer health information questions live.

Doc, I have a question

For the Full archive of ‘Doc, i have a question’ episodes, please visit SUNY Downstate community women’s Health on Facebook.

3) Sante Fanm Se Lavi

Sante Fanm Se Lavi, or Women’s Health is Life in Haitian Creole (Kreyòl), is a Creole language community outreach initiative specifically aimed at reaching and interacting with the Haitian-American community in Central Brooklyn. Sante Se Lavi also has a presence on both Facebook and Instagram.

Sante Fanm Se Lavi regularly collaborates with Life of Hope, a multifaceted non-profit organization that is committed to serving Haitian-American youth and immigrant families in Brooklyn.

With Life of Hope, Dr. Pardo hosts a weekly Facebook Live video series aimed at engaging with the Haitian-American community.

Dr. Christina Pardo on Facebook Live

For the full archive of Dr. Pardo’s Facebook Live videos, please visit Sante Fanm Se Lavi on Facebook.